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Just like You Imagined Them

David Ethridge weaves a world of love & splendor for the bride, groom & their families


About David Ethridge And AVR Films

AVR Films has been in the Bay Area Wedding Video business since 1986. David Ethridge is the award-winning cinematographer/filmmaker you want to have capture your most important day of your life, your wedding day story.

Along with his team of many other excellent cameramen, David Ethridge is releasing movies within 1-3 weeks, typically after each event. Our only desire is to film and capture your wedding day video so, you and your family can be emotionally be moved and captivated for many years to follow.

What Is The Biggest Mistake we Hear Over And Over Again From Previous Brides?

I didn’t invest in video and poured the extra money into all other areas of my wedding and when it was all over, I was left with only pretty photos and no recall of the days excitement and people sharing their thoughts.

Previous Brides Family From One Of My Wedding Consultations:

“I have nothing to relive my wedding day in emotion and in sound to truly feel each moment I had of my morning, the 1st look, listening and saying my vows, the romantic sunset photo session, my father's and my sisters heart-stopping toasts, and and fun dance party time. I feel like I have lost something from my wedding day”

(Huge mistake)
When a wedding is not filmed by experienced and professional cinematographers the wedding blues come into play.

You Will Experience and  see the Following With AVR Films:

Relaxed video camera crew – fun-loving new friends

Low profile professionals – Stealth mode

Experienced individuals – handle any timeline

We are passionate and into the art folks with the latest technology in camera, drones and cinematic devices!

AVR films

Where Do We Film Events?

As a premier wedding video company in the San Francisco Bay Area, we love filming at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westin Hotel and the Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

Photo by Brian MacStay Photography

We take extreme pleasure in filming our weddings along the coast at the Holman Ranch and Quail Ridge GC GC in Carmel Valley, The Intercontinental hotel in Monterey, the prestiguous Ritz Carlton and Oceano Hotels in Half Moon Bay.

Check out the beautiful Big Sur forest and beach wedding below.

We also have a studio in El Dorado Hills, to film Sacramento, Serrano and Folsom weddings.

We love filming in Lake Tahoe Estates and Resorts like Incline Village.

I was honored to be Catherine Hall’s (Catherine Hall Studios) personal wedding Cinematographer, along side with Linnae Asiel of Asiel Design for Catherine’s wedding event designer.

We are on the list as the preferred video company in the south bay at several wineries like Leal Vineyards and Willow Heights Mansion.

Along with Clos LaChance Winery, Cordevalle GCC and

The Fitz Place.

AVR films

We also have filmed Destination Beach Weddings for event Planners like Crystal Lequang of Amazae Events along with event Designs by Linnae Asiel of Asiel Designs.

Therefore, Book us, fly us, and we are there.

Wedding Video Is Our Single Greatest Passion.

Therefore we create handcrafted and composed wedding films that emotionally impact our couples to tears and laughter!

What Equipment Do We Use To Capture The Best Quality Footage?

We are a Sony based company using mirrorless DSLR’s.

High quality audio is a must in this business, and digital recorders hidden on our groom, minister, DJ, and handheld mics.

What HD video formats do you Film in?

We film in 2k and 4k settings for the highest quality possible depending on slow motion smoothness to crisp detail.

How Do You Get That Cinematic Look In Your Wedding Movies?

When we film our weddings, we set ourselves apart by using consistently Sliders, Stabilizers, Cranes and Drones.

How Do You Work With Photographers?

David Ethridge and his outstanding film crews have been chosen by Photographers as one of the easiest to team up with.

Professional, stealth, and very experienced shows by all the compliments we have received from the wedding guests and the bride.

AVR films

Who Has Chosen Us To Film Their Wedding?

Many a time we are chosen even by event professionals on their own wedding day! Catherine Hall, Colson Griffith, Deanna Graham, Ashley Maxwell, Orbie Pullen, Jason Mitchell, Adam Gold, Flowers by Edgar and more.

We filmed Jeff Garcia (49ers QB & Carmella Decesare (playmate 2004), Thomas DeCoud (Atlanta Falcons safety), Mike Singletary’s Daughter and others.

Whether it’s for 2 or 300, indoor or outdoor, sunny or wet, we just love filming wonderful families coming together.

AVR films

Above Wish Upon A Wedding Holman Ranch Video by AVR Films.

We also supported and filmed “Wish upon a Wedding” for our amazing bride Heather, our cancer Bride. We loved giving Christopher and her their dream wedding day.

Do You Have Any Feature Movies Published?

Our featured films have been in many wedding blogs:

Inside Weddings
Eric & Catherine Hall

Grace Ormonde
Edgar & Macio

Style Me Pretty
Little Black Book: Thomas DeCoud & Edwina

AVR Film Awards

Three consecutive years Videographer Choice Award.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Your Movies?

The industry standard from my experience in the last two decades is 4-12 months after your wedding.

Here at AVR Films, we deliver your Wedding Trailer film (approx 4 min) within 2-4 weeks after your wedding!

The Feature film is usually within a week after the Trailer!
This is one game-changer that separates us from everyone else.

How Fast Do You Book Ahead for Any Weddings?

Fast. We usually book 6 to 12 months out sometimes even longer. And there are only so many weddings we do per year.

What Types Of Weddings Have You Filmed?

  • Chinese Weddings
  • Vietnamese Weddings
  • Japanese Weddings
  • Filipino Weddings
  • Mexican Weddings
  • Persian Weddings
  • Same-Sex Weddings
  • Catholic Weddings
  • Christian Weddings
  • Indian Weddings
  • Beach Culture Weddings!