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David Ethridge & AVR Films

About me, David Ethridge – My wife and I are the owners of this blessed wedding video company found in 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and have three children we love dearly.

I have one single passion:

Creating movies that emotionally move our brides to tears and laughter!

We film and produce emotionally charged feature films that are all about capturing the real intimacy of weddings throughout the San Francisco Bay area and destination weddings. My Cinematography produces award-winning AVR Films that feature the bride and groom in leading roles, event excitement, and heartfelt family moments.

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You want a high-caliber, handcrafted film, emulating a Cinematic Hollywood Films?

We have been featured in many wedding blogs:


  • Videographer Choice Award for three years
  • ACPWC Best Videographer Award

Book us soon, we are not available forever and normally book out a year in advance. The old saying is true; you get what you paid for unless you invest in something you can enjoy for a lifetime and to share with your children. The creative Cinematographer and producer David with his talented crew work together seamlessly for your movie story of your most important day of your life.

You want Time lapses, you got it.

You want drone footage of the venue at sunset; you got it. You want slider and Stabilizer action, incredible audio recording, and vibrant vs. faded color; you got it. You want to feel your wedding day even more powerful in excitement and emotion; you got it. You want it in 60 days; you got it. (Why would I want to wait forever to relive it?)

I was trained by a master photographer early on so, and I’m a favorite for photographers to work with, dreamy as some have said. We have filmed Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Persian, Catholic and love Christian weddings. We have done it all, even same-sex weddings. We also focus on the meaningful detailed shots of the bride’s amazing wedding dress, floral jewelry, and especially the gorgeous bridal pumps.

We love filming exclusive events and taking care of all of my brides personally behind my latest cameras and lens while not being noticed or changing the mood of the moment. Lighting – not much needed at all. My demeanor is like total calmness in my voice, motion and I naturally make everyone feel at ease in the crazy fun of any wedding day.