Destination Beach Wedding Video at the Money Bar Beach Club Cozumel Mexico

Brian & Andrea

Brian and Andrea were such a good looking couple and most of all
a super fun group that delivered a killer party to remember for a long time
at the Money Bar Beach Club in Cozumel, Mexico.
Would I get married in the same style leaving Florida by cruise ship,
board a bus to a great beach club the MONEY BAR,
get married in front of amazing blue ocean water,
party in warm sub tropical breezes (maybe not in a suit),
get a little tipsy,
board a bus back to the cruise ship for the 2nd party off into the sunset?
Heck ya!
Want a warm beach wedding anytime of the year,
Cozumel is a great place of golden sunrises, even better sunsets,
beaches that your the only soul making foot prints as far as you can see
water that is to keep you diving over and over again.
This wedding was put together by two wonderful friends and
very talented ladies I must say.
This video was filmed with 8mm and Canon DSLRs.
We love to travel on Cruise ships to destination weddings!