Santa Cruz Coast Wedding Engagement Video Session

Rich + Kelly

Engagement Video Session

This was one of our great all time Engagement Video Sessions.

I picked up my new Client and friends,

Bride Kelly with her Groom Rich in Los Gatos and headed on our way to Santa Cruz.

40 minutes on the road to our destination is a great way to really get to know

your couple but, a fun filled, mini private tour by me and my camera

turned out to be an evening that none of us will ever forget.

Plus its rumored that I work for food with a road stop to my favorite coffee shop at the Davenport RoadHouse.

All humor aside, we headed to Santa Cruz for my transitional beginning video clips with minor

loving for the groom from his very pretty bride and a kiss or two.

Then the fun is on a trail towards the climb up to one great location after another.

The peak of the evening is to see what we find on my secret beach.

Most of the time, not a single foot print.

I never know how long it will take but, it always ends up around sunset on the the walk back

to my awesome V8 Touareg powered machine to the nearest Hulu’s for dinner with my clients!

Here are some frames from our video below WHICH started looking like a storm on it end.

The wedding is at the Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley.

Rustic Medical Theme.

I let them sneak one in once in a while too.

There is nothing like great lines…

happy Guest…

powerful moments…

some extra energy.,,

and a grand slam.

A grand slam is when a home run is hit while the bases are loaded.

My Canon 5DM2 was locked and loaded for this cliff I love to shoot from at sunset


God delivered the big play.

“The Tour” ends at my favorite place.

The beach.

I told them to race to the top of the hill.

As you can tell, they both froze for a moment that should only be shared by two.

There was so much more to come since this was just our first moment on the beach.

The Sunset was Epic…as usual.

{It’s a word I use allot when Im having too much fun}

AVR Films Gear:

Canon 7D

70-200mm V2 F2.8

24mm F1.2

135mm F2.0

50mm F1.2

HD 2000 Steadicam

Manfrotto Monopod