CordeValle Wedding Video Engagement Session


We met our Bride Susan at Clos LaChance Winery where Ron and Susan will be tying the knot

for their big wedding day.

Then we headed off for our evening at CordeValle Golf Club in search of the perfect spots for the sunset.

Brian MacStay and I love working together and we create a super fun experience for

our clients as well as double the creativity for each of our shots.

Once we were with Cameras in hand we soon drove off towards the sunset which turned out to

be pretty epic as far as sun rays and great temperature.

A few of Brian’s images are below.

I really like this couple and they are so perfect for each other as we found out in my movie.

Can’t Wait to create your hand crafted Wedding Video at our favorite South Bay Wedding Winery!

Cheers Ron & Susan!

Brian MacStay Photograhy 1

Brian MacStay Photograhy 2

Brian MacStay Photograhy 3

Brian MacStay Photograhy 4