AVR Films & Wedding Blu-ray Movie Menus Online

AVR Films is one of the 1st companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

to offer wedding Blu-ray Quality movie menus online.

(Go ahead and select BONUS FEATURES for fun)

You now can preserve your wedding movie for good on servers

that are even used by  www.Amazon.com.

HD Blu-ray Quality 1920 x 1080p,

Couples can Share the movie to a variety means online,
Download a movie,
Play the menu on your smart phone and iPads,
PC or Mac,


on  your 80 inch display on your wall via Apple TV.

Bluray disks, DVD Disks, Hard drives, Thumb drives will
all loose their content eventually.


All my tapes from the 80’s now have nothing on them
of my kids growing up.
Super bummed.


Now the iCloud allows us to upload your HD movie,
create a menu with the Trailer,
Feature Film and Bonus Features like Full Ceremony
and Full Toasts, Performances, etc.

Check out the BONUS FEATURES too above.

Totally interactive movie and menu experience for the wow factor.

Special Thanks for our Photographer who shot this wedding with us,


for his amazing imagery for our menu.